Education – a dynamic experience

Today, I listened to my professor speak word for word. Lost in the planet of my thoughts, I remembered the days of listening to my teachers as a young girl. Some were so passionate that you could assess them by the volume of saliva  that was spat. The classroom abuzz with loud shouts of dictation and the nutty ones like me carefully documented the grammatical errors. It is interesting to see how far I have gone in the quest of education and how much much one can go. The dynamic quality of teaching, the varied personalities and most important, the vast divide and differences in student body is fascinating. I remember days when you could have two full notes for just one course. Now you can have just a book for an entire semester and yet learn so much. Technology has revamped how we learn and how we access information.

I look forward to the day Nigeria’s indigenous universities will have regional campuses and will host the best research, technology, policy makers and entrepreneurs for my beloved continent.

We are almost there!


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